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Cloth Diapering — Overwhelmed: What do I need to start?

A lot of my friends are having babies. Shocking for 20 somethings, right? Any who. I keep getting asked very detailed questions about how I do cloth diapers. I am tired of answering emails. Blog posts would serve everyone better. The number of products out there is overwhelming. Even when you go to cloth diapering sites for help, it looks like they are speaking a different language. My best advice is talk to people who use cloth and read a lot of blogs about what works best for different people. I stay at home full time with one baby, what I do might not work the best for someone else. I did a lot of research while I was pregnant and finally decided that I would make a choice and make whatever I chose work. And it has worked well.

Not so sure about this.

Not so sure about this.

Several posts are in order to answer these questions well:

  1. Overwhelmed. What do I need to start?
  2. Stocked. How do I use these things?
  3. Gross. How do I wash these things?

First things first, what do you do when someone rolls their eyes and tries to talk you out of it when you tell them you want to do cloth? Roll your eyes back and tell them to shut it. It will save you tons of money and it is your choice. So unless they are the ones doing the changing, it really doesn’t matter what they think.

Some disclaimers to start:

I use Osocozy prefolds, Snappis (updated diaper pins), and Thirsties snap wraps (rubber pants for old school people).  I haven’t used any other diapering products. I don’t know anything about all in ones or g diapers. I like what I use, so I have never been tempted to try anything different.

Starting cloth diapering can be pricey. If it this is your first kid and you plan on having more, it will pay off exponentially.  I am not sure I would recommend cloth diapers if you are only having one kid. It is a lot of work and the pay off isn’t as great. My motivation for using cloth is purely financial. If your motivation is to be eco-friendly, go for it.

I highly suggest registering for as many of your diapering supplies as possible. I had a registry on Amazon and it worked great. There are cloth diapering stores, but not in all areas and trying to get friends and family to go to those stores might be kind of a hassle. I actually suggest doing an Amazon registry for your entire baby registry. You can pull items from other websites like Target, Babies R Us, etc., it is really nice to be able to manage everything in one spot.

If you plan on doing cloth diapers from day 1, I suggest getting some extra small covers. The prefolds you can fold down to fit a smaller baby. I waited until she was about a month old; there is no way the size 1 stuff would have fit her as a newborn.

The following are the things I have used and the number of items that have worked best for me. Other people will suggest different things; this is just what I have done.

Everyday usage 1 month through 12 months

Everyday usage 1 year through Present (16 months)

Nighttime Use 3 months through 12 months

Nighttime Use 1 year through Present (16 months)


Random Accessories


Meh. Guess the cloth diaper stuff worked out.

I will write the next two posts on cloth diapering soon….unless life gets in the way…which it has a habit of doing.


Coordinating Bibs and Burp Cloths

This is probably going to be my new go to gift for a baby shower. Sure you can have boring solid color bibs and boring rags for burp cloths. But why not put fabric scraps to good use and brighten things up a little bit.

The front of the bibs are mostly jersey fabric from left over tshirts which have since been made into quilts. I used flannel for the back of the bibs because it sticks to clothes and makes it lay down better. And for the burp cloths, I bought diapers and zig zag stitched the fabric to them.

This was about 2 hours of work and the only thing I had to buy were the snaps for the bib. You can also use velcro, I just thought the snaps would keep it on better.

Take this type of thing to a baby shower and people go nuts for it. Everyone likes it when they know a gift has been customized. It is nice when it is such an easy project that goes over so well.

Fabric Scrap Bonanza

And this, my friends, is why you should never throw away fabric scraps.

This one was for a friend from college

I made this one for my sister

Model Meredith shows how to carry it correctly

I am going to try to make my first little girl’s dress soon, I am thinking very simple tunic style. Probably something along these lines. Pretty sure I am going to piece a bunch of scraps together for it. That when when it goes horribly horribly wrong, no one will notice because the fabric is so crazy anyway.

Undocumented Voter Spotted in VA Polling Place

Taking the "Vote Early Vote Often" meme to a whole new level

Yes, we voted for Mittens.

No, we aren’t happy about it.

I am still in mourning for a Mitch Daniels candidacy.

I am going to be bitter for a long time.

Favorite Things: The Baby is Sleeping Edition

I am going to try to get back into this blogging thing. Baby is finally here, she is a month and a half now.

She is actually doing very well, most nights she is sleeping 10 hours straight through. But there are still some 4 am feedings and a tired mommy in the morning. So I give you some of my favorite early morning things:

Stay Dry Duo Insert (hemp liner for cloth diapers) — if you use cloth diapers, buy. these. now. They soak up so much moisture it is unreal. Dry baby = happy baby = sleeping baby.

Halo Sleep Sack — my little squirmy worm likes to flail her arms around an wake herself up. This thing is a swaddle blanket on steroids. With the super strong velcro to keep her arms tucked in, she stays asleep longer.

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper – my baby is particularly active when she is sleeping. She grunts and squeaks all night long. But along with the noise, she also likes to roll back and forth. The bassinet was a no go, she would start rocking and wake herself up all night long. This thing is great, Paired with her sleep sack, it keeps her cradled and even if she is moving, she won’t start to roll and wake herself up. It is approved for nighttime sleeping. If you have a baby that doesn’t like the bassinet, this is well worth the $60.

Vanilla Bean Coffee from World Market — I should buy stock in this stuff. Enough said.

I have found that a lot of women who are pregnant for the first time are at a loss where to start with their registries. I must say I was completely overwhelmed. But since I was at home full time since about the 3rd month of my pregnancy, I had a lot of time to do research. If you need a starting point, check out my Newborn Pinterest board to see some of the stuff I have been the most happy with.