Favorite Things: The Baby is Sleeping Edition

I am going to try to get back into this blogging thing. Baby is finally here, she is a month and a half now.

She is actually doing very well, most nights she is sleeping 10 hours straight through. But there are still some 4 am feedings and a tired mommy in the morning. So I give you some of my favorite early morning things:

Stay Dry Duo Insert (hemp liner for cloth diapers) — if you use cloth diapers, buy. these. now. They soak up so much moisture it is unreal. Dry baby = happy baby = sleeping baby.

Halo Sleep Sack — my little squirmy worm likes to flail her arms around an wake herself up. This thing is a swaddle blanket on steroids. With the super strong velcro to keep her arms tucked in, she stays asleep longer.

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper – my baby is particularly active when she is sleeping. She grunts and squeaks all night long. But along with the noise, she also likes to roll back and forth. The bassinet was a no go, she would start rocking and wake herself up all night long. This thing is great, Paired with her sleep sack, it keeps her cradled and even if she is moving, she won’t start to roll and wake herself up. It is approved for nighttime sleeping. If you have a baby that doesn’t like the bassinet, this is well worth the $60.

Vanilla Bean Coffee from World Market — I should buy stock in this stuff. Enough said.

I have found that a lot of women who are pregnant for the first time are at a loss where to start with their registries. I must say I was completely overwhelmed. But since I was at home full time since about the 3rd month of my pregnancy, I had a lot of time to do research. If you need a starting point, check out my Newborn Pinterest board to see some of the stuff I have been the most happy with.


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