This is our yard. We either have patches full of weeds, vast wastelands of dirt and acorns or sporadic clumps of grass whose roots don’t even go completely into the soil. Currently the soil situation is hard red clay. I could throw pottery with some of the clay it is so heavy and thick. I think our only solution is going to be a massive truck load (or 5) of top soil at some point.  Either that or I can start a moss garden accented with wild onions because that is the only thing that is going to grow without any help from me.

Wild Onions and Clover (aka not grass)

Flood plain (aka mosquito paradise)

Pathetic showing of native grass (aka not even worth acknowledging)


4 responses to “Pathetic

  • soopermexican

    yeah it’d be good to rototill it with a good mix of organic matter. you can rent a rototiller. hard work, but it’ll give you a beautiful lawn. other thing to do is to spray the native grass a few times with roundup, otherwise it’ll pop up through the new grass. you’re in for a lot of work if you do, but it’ll be gorgeous!

    call around to different mulch suppliers – find one that is knowledgable about what mix your area needs to make that kind of dirt grassworthy. if you need measurements figured out (how many cubic yards, etc), email me, I love this stuff!

    • hostagehoosier

      I think my husband is going to try to replant this fall. I might send him in your direction when he is looking for where to start. Our neighbor has a really nice lawn, but he told us it took him years to get it to grow. I think we are in for some major work if we plan to get it to go.

  • pobept

    Grinning, Welcome to my world.
    My new tiny house with it’s tiny garden is situated in the middle of what has for many years been a wheat field.
    I have little ‘real’ top soil, lots of hard clay and it will be a life long project to get even a small plot in really good condition.

    Good luck and Happy Gardening

  • mary

    One of the remedies for clay soil is to dig peat into it, and spray any weeds with Roundup

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