Stuff I Haven’t Killed (yet)

All my starts died a horrible drowning death. I don’t want to talk about it. Someday i will get the hang of getting starts….started.

Bought(en) pepper plant starts, so sue me.

However, the stuff that I planted directly in the ground is doing really well for how shady our yard is. I am particularly proud of getting begonias to sprout in window boxes. I really like how their leaves have so much color even before the flowers bloom.

Take joy in the small victories

I planted pumpkin seeds along our fence row thinking that they wouldn’t even come up, but they are actually looking like the strongest out of everything I have planted.

I will have jack o'lanterns this year

Onions and garlic are doing well even though our soil is heavy clay. I was worried that the bulbs might rot in the ground before they had a chance to sprout.

One less thing I will have to buy at the grocery store.

The strawberries in the hanging planters are my favorite. Those were the only sad little things growing in our yard when we got here. They didn’t produce any fruit last year. So this year I dug them up and put them in hanging baskets and they are thriving. I don’t even care if the birds get to the fruit before I do. I am just happy to see something growing so well.

Thriving strawberries, yay!

Green beans and pole beans are also making a strong showing. Brandon was nice enough to build cages for me so the birds don’t get to them before they have a chance to get established. He is a good husband.

Green beans in the shade

I have also planted daylillies, morning glories, clematis (whose seeds I kept in a container over the winter from the one plant next to our mailbox) who are sprouted but haven’t bloomed yet.

Obligatory Picture of the Cutest Dog in the World


One response to “Stuff I Haven’t Killed (yet)

  • Cindy

    Looking really good! I’ve been picking asparagus all week and the strawberries are blooming. I had to cover them the last two nights because of frosty weather.

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